Goldco Review 2023: Are They Worth The Investment?

Regarding reviewing other gold IRA companies, Goldco offers a great solution to invest in precious metals.

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Updated On: December 23, 2022

People often discuss investing in gold and other precious metals to ensure a comfortable retirement.

The thought is that these items will always have value and can be used as a form of currency if needed. Goldco is one of the companies that specialize in helping people set up these types of accounts.

As a customer, you protect your current retirement savings by transferring some or all of it into a Gold IRA. This portfolio then becomes diversified with other investments like stocks and bonds. Not only does this protect your savings, but it can also help you grow your retirement funds.

Goldco Overview

Goldco understands the importance of having a retirement plan that works for you and offers many different services to help get you there.

They provide customer service 24/7 and have a team of experts that can answer any questions you may have. But are they suitable investments for you? Let's briefly discuss their offer and how they can help you plan for retirement.

Investing in the stock market can be risky. It is important to remember that past performance does not guarantee future results. As an affiliate, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

What Is Goldco?


Goldco is a physical precious metals company that helps people set up Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) backed by gold and other metals.

It is one of the top-rated IRA companies in the industry and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Investors looking for an alternative to the stock market often flock to Goldco because it is a safe retirement investment.

Goldco reviews trust

It was founded in 2006. Initially, it was created to help people invest in gold but has since expanded to offer silver, platinum, and palladium IRAs. They have an extensive list of metals they will accept for investors looking to set up a new account.

To help people avoid market crashes, Goldco has a team of experts that will monitor the market and help people invest in metals when the time is right.

You might be thinking, how does Goldco make money?

Well, they don’t mine any metals. Instead, they act as a middleman between the customer and the company storing the metals. This is how they can keep their costs low and pass on the savings to their customers.

By partnering with Goldco, you can build a portfolio of precious metals that are tailored and designed to fit your individual needs. With their expertise in the industry, you can feel safe working with Goldco.

Goldco makes it easy for people looking to invest in precious metals. They have an online presence and will take care of your paperwork and logistics. All you need to do is set up an account with them, and then you can start investing.


  • White glove service for the lifetime of your investment.
  • Flexible investment options, including Gold, Silver, and other Precious Metals.
  • Tremendous buyback prices (up to 110% of the spot market price).
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  • Multiple storage options, including home storage, bank deposit boxes, and private vaults.
  • Free first-year storage and insurance with your investment order over $50000.
  • No account minimums and no maximum contribution limits.


  • Not the lowest minimum for gold IRAs (others have $25000 minimums).
  • Goldco fees can get expensive

Do I Recommend Goldco?

We recommend adding Goldco to your investment portfolio. They have great ethical business practices and have a wide range of gold and silver options.

How We Reviewed Goldco And Why We Recommend It?

It is a matter of fact that when it comes to retirement savings, precious metals IRAs are a go-to for many people.

They are stable, highly valued, and offer security in an otherwise unstable market. For these reasons and more, we decided to review Goldco Direct, one of the industry's most prominent precious metal companies today.

Business consumer alliance has a long-standing reputation for being one of the most reliable and user-friendly precious metals companies, with a top rating. When we set out to review Goldco, we had a few key factors that we took into consideration. 

Below are the three main points that we looked at during our review process:

Sean Hannity Approves

One of the things that we looked at during our review was whether or not Goldco had the approval of well-known and respected public figures. We are happy to report that Goldco has Sean Hannity's approval. For those who do not know, Sean Hannity is a Fox News personality with a huge following.

He is known for being financially savvy and only approving products he believes in himself. In 2019, he even went so far as to call Goldco the “best of the best” when it came to precious metal IRAs.

 This is a massive stamp of approval and gives us confidence in Goldco. They are one of the only companies to have Sean Hannity's approval.

A Long-Standing History

In addition to looking at whether or not Goldco had Sean Hannity's stamp of approval, we also looked at the company's history. We are happy to report that Goldco has a long-standing history dating back to 2006.

This is important because it shows that the company is not a fly-by-night operation. They are a legitimate and well-established company that has worked with gold IRA experts and beginners. This is important because we only want to recommend companies we believe are here to stay.

Goldco Surpassed $1 Billion In Precious Metals Placements

We are happy to report that in 2019, Goldco surpassed $1 billion in precious metals placements. This is a considerable accomplishment, showing that the company is doing something right. They have a lot of happy customers who are investing in their products.

In a traditional IRA, you are limited to investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The advancement of technology has allowed for the addition of alternative assets, such as physical gold and silver coins, to be held in retirement accounts. This has given investors more options and diversification regarding their retirement savings.

Amazing Customer Reviews

Feedback and customer reviews are the assets of any business. It is always a good idea to check the customer feedback of a company you are considering working with, and Goldco is no exception. All the reviews that we found were overwhelmingly positive.

Customers praised the company for its customer service, ease of use, and competitive pricing. One customer even went so far as to call Goldco the “best in the business.” This is high praise and furthers our belief that Goldco gold or silver IRA is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in precious metals.

Goldco Pricing

In the precious metals market, Goldco is a well-established and trusted company that provides quality service in the industry. But we know you are confused about its pricing. So, we have given you a brief overview of Goldco pricing.

Gold prices and Goldco

Goldco charges fees for both account setup and maintenance. The company charges a flat fee for providing 401(k) rollover and IRA transfers.

For new Gold IRA accounts, the company charges a $260 flat fee. This is an annual deposit account fee and must be paid yearly. Another option is $180 annually; it includes the insurance and storage of your metals.

The company has no commission for buying or selling gold and other precious metal investments. The buyback spread is about 3% for selling back to the company. For example, if the current market value for an ounce of gold is $1700 and you sell it back to Goldco, they will give you $1630 for that ounce of gold.

Goldco Buy Back Program

For non-segregated storage, the company charges $100 per year. And for segregated storage, the company charges 0.60% annually with a minimum fee of $250 per year. You will be charged these fees when you take delivery of your metals. The precious metals investments are stored in coins and bars in the depository.

The company doesn’t have any account minimums, so you can open an account with any amount you want to invest.

What Does Goldco Offer?

Goldco leverages its industry connections to offer its customers various options for gold, silver, and other precious metals.

This company also provides storage and security for these metals in the form of IRAs. It also provides brokerage services that enable customers to buy and sell their metals, no matter where they are.

Precious Metals IRA

This investing company makes a stress-free and straightforward process for customes who want to roll over or open a new Precious Metals IRA account.

With the help of Goldco, you can have your gold, silver, and other metals delivered directly to an IRS-approved depository. Customers can also store their metals with Goldco’s partner Brinks.

IRA custodian and storage fees are included in Goldco’s commission structure. IRS requires that a custodian manage all Precious Metals IRA accounts.

It offers the state of the art vaults that meet and exceed all industry standards for safety and security.

Gold IRAs

Gold IRA precious metals

A gold IRA is an individual retirement account in which gold or other approved precious metals are held in custody for the benefit of the account owner. Gold IRAs can be established as either Roth or traditional IRAs.

It is similar to a regular IRA, except that it has physical gold bullion coins or bars instead of holding paper assets. Goldco offers self-directed gold IRAs; therefore, the account owner controls the investment decisions.

Silver IRAs

Goldco offers a Self-Directed Silver IRA that allows you to hold actual physical silver bullion in an IRA account.

You can purchase and store your silver or have Goldco buy it on your behalf. The minimum investment for a self-directed silver IRA is $10,000. You can also roll over an existing IRA, 401k, or another retirement account into a silver IRA.

Gold And Silver Coins

Goldco offers a wide variety of gold and silver coins to protect your IRA.

Buy gold and silver with Goldco

They are one of the only companies that provide all four significant coins: American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, and Austrian Philharmonics. All these options offer excellent protection for your retirement savings.

The paramount concern for most people is whether or not their retirement account is safe. With Goldco gold and silver coins, you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands.

Below are some of the most popular coins that they offer, and you can easily buy precious metals today:

Gold American Eagle Type 1

These are America's most popular and best-selling gold coins. When you buy a Gold American Eagle, you buy 22-karat gold coins minted by the United States Mint.

Gold American Eagle Type 2

These are also 22-karat gold coins, but the United States Mint has minted them specifically for collectors.

Gold Australian Striped Marlin

This 2020 gold coin is a one-ounce, .9999 fine gold coin minted by the Perth Mint in Australia. It is a popular choice for gold investors because it is a legal tender coin with a face value of $100.

Gold Liberty Coin

This famous New Zealand-produced coin is .9999 fine gold with a face value of $25. The liberty bell and Queen Elizabeth II are featured on the coin's reverse side. For investors, this coin is an excellent way to diversify their portfolio with gold.

Gold Maple Leaf

These iconic Canadian coins are .9999 fine gold and have a face value of $50. The Gold Maple Leaf is one of the most popular coins in the world for investors because of its purity and beauty.

Gold Freedom And Hope

This 2021 gold coin is a one-ounce, .9999 fine gold coin minted by the United States Mint. It features Lady Liberty on the front and an eagle in flight on the back.

Silver IRAs

Goldco offers silver IRAs as a way to invest in the future. These IRAs work similarly to other precious metal options, but they have the added benefit of being backed by the U.S. government.

Silver IRAs that goldco offer include:

  •  Silver American Eagle Proof
  • Silver American Bald Eagle
  • Silver Australian Striped Marlin
  • Silver Liberty Coin
  • Silver Valor
  • Silver Military Guinea
  • Silver Maple Leaf
  • Silver 20th Anniversary Britannia
  • Silver Lucky Dragon
  • Silver 20th Anniversary Britannia
  • Silver Freedom & Hope
  • Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodile
  • Silver World War I
  • Silver Britannia Lunar Series

Goldco Alternatives

When it comes to investing in IRA precious metals, Goldco is a top name that comes to mind. They have been in business for over a decade and have helped countless people invest in gold and other precious metals.

The alternatives to Goldco are few and far between. But we have compiled a list of the top 5 alternatives for you to compare within the precious metals industry.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is the top alternative to Goldco, as they sell gold IRAs and free retirement resources.

With Augusta, you can buy gold or silver and speak to a dedicated rep who can help you get your IRA funded with IRS-approved gold.

Shanghai Gold Exchange

The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) is the leading physical gold marketplace in China and one of the largest in the world. With over $30 trillion in assets, it is also one of the most important. The SGE was founded in 2002 and is a non-profit institution owned by its members.

Kinesis Money

It is a financial service company that allows users to transact, save, and earn interest on their digital assets using the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT). User reviews of Kinesis are generally positive, with many users citing the high-interest rates as a significant selling point.

However, some users have complained about the company's customer service and lack of fee transparency. Overall, Kinesis seems to be a reliable and trustworthy company that offers a unique service for those interested in digital asset investing.

Noble Gold Investments

Compared to the Goldco gold ira, Noble provides competitive pricing. They offer various services, including expert custodians and research. They also have an online store where you can purchase physical gold and silver. It comes with a rating of 4.4 stars.

SD Bullion

If you're looking for the best prices on gold and silver, then SD Bullion is the place for you. They offer various products, including coins, bars, and rounds. They also have an extensive education section on their website that can help you learn more about precious metals investing. It comes with a rating of 4.1 stars.

Regal Assets

Regal assets is a gold and crypto IRA precious metals account. They are one of the best in investing in your crypto and one of the top precious metals brokers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Goldco

There is no doubt that Goldco is legit. They are one of the industry's most well-known and reputable gold IRA companies. It gives investors myriad investment opportunities, including buying and holding gold coins and bars, mutual funds, and ETFs.

The unique thing about Goldco is that they do not sell or promote any specific investment products. Instead, they focus on helping their customers diversify their portfolios and protect their wealth.

When customers or investors ask if Goldco is legit, the answer is always a resounding yes!

Is Goldco Worth The Investment?

The short answer is yes! Goldco is definitely worth the investment. The depository they use is one of the most secure in the industry, and their fees are very reasonable.

They also offer a wide range of investment products. Most customers are pleased with the service and would recommend it to others.

How do I roll my existing IRA or 401k to a Gold IRA?

The gold IRA rollover process is very simple. A new account is set up with a custodian, and the funds from your old IRA or 401k are transferred into the new account. The custodian will purchase the gold or other precious metals for your account. It's that easy.

Will Goldco buyback my metals when I want to cash out?

Goldco urges its customers to “ride the wave” of gold and silver prices by holding on to their metals for the long term. They do not have a buyback program for customers who wish to cash out before then.

What forms of payment does Goldco accept?

Goldco accepts bank wire transfers, checks, and money orders. They do not accept credit cards or PayPal. If you'd like, you can talk to a representative to set up a payment plan.

What is IRA-approved gold?

IRA-approved gold is a type of gold that can be held in an individual retirement account. The two types of IRA-approved gold are bullion and coins.

Bullion is a precious metal in the form of bars, ingots, or coins stamped by a government mint. Coins are defined as precious metals minted and issued as legal tender by a government.

The advantage of holding IRA-approved gold is that it can provide investors with some security against inflation and market volatility. Gold has historically been seen as a safe-haven investment during economic turmoil.

Does Goldco Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, Goldco lets you promote its gold products. You can sign up for the Goldco affiliate program here.
You can also feel safe knowing you are recommending IRA-approved gold coins.


As we approach the end of 2022, many people want to invest in precious metals to protect their retirement savings. The market has caused a lot of economic uncertainty, so it's no wonder that people are looking for ways to safeguard their finances. 

Gold and silver have always been popular choices for investors, but with the current state of the economy, they are even more desirable.

Retirement planning is a necessary process that everyone should consider. Working with a company like Goldco can give you peace of mind knowing that you're on the right track for a comfortable retirement.

The market is flooded with many precious metal companies, and choosing the right one cannot be obvious. It is paramount that you do your research and ask around before investing.

Goldco is the way to go if you're looking for a trustworthy company with your best interest at heart. Every retirement plan is different, so work with a company that can cater to your specific needs. From 401k rollovers to IRA transfers, Goldco will help you make the best decisions for your retirement.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, they are a force to be reckoned with. Call them today and see how they can help you plan for a bright future. Please don't wait until it's too late. Start planning for your retirement today.

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