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I'm Colin And Here Is My Story

Colin Shipp

Let's go back in time to 2012, the year when everything changed forever.

Ever since I was young, I was a rebel, and entrepreneurship felt like the gamble that has been calling me my entire life. My first foray into business was not pretty (that's putting it mildly). When I was 17 years old, I started selling Cutco Cutlery, which absolutely changed my life's course forever.

It changed my habits, opened my eyes to personal development, and most importantly gave me the confidence in myself that I never had.

This was where things really started to click for me, but that would soon change. Since I was 15 years old I was obsessed with the dream of being a music producer and DJ.

From the moment I saw this trailer for a music festival, I was hooked. (I still get chills when I watch this.) Since it was my dream to become a world famous DJ, I already had my sights set on moving to LA.

To make a long story short I gave up selling kitchen knives, packed my car, and moved to Los Angeles from Michigan. I pursued my original dream to become a producer and DJ but that ended up being more of a fantasy I concocted in my head more than something I actually wanted to commit my life to. This brings us to 2014, where everything changed again...

I started this year with a lot of optimism about what the future might hold. I just moved back to my home state of Michigan and was getting back into the knife-selling business.

But this time would be a bit different because I had my eyes set on opening up my own office with the company. I was dead set on owning my own business, and this was my shot.

My very own district office opened up in the spring of 2014. I thought I had made it. I had an office, furniture, receptionists, and a fancy LLC name. In my mind, this was what business was all about. I'll spare you the details, but this business ended up being a failure.

I was underprepared financially, lacked experience, and most importantly never faced "real world" failure before. This year was filled with intense highs and lows, but this year ended up shaping what my life is today.

My Introduction to Internet Marketing

After my previous business failed, I knew I needed to do something. If I'm being honest the idea of going to college and getting a job never crossed my mind. I never attended college nor worked a traditional 9-5 job, so my prospects of going from a failed business to finding ways to magically make decent money were slim to none.

Through a random series of events, I was thrown into the allure of making money on the internet. An epiphany that most people reading this has probably gone experienced. My life in the online business world started in 2015 when I met the founders of Guitar Control at a marketing event.

I met them at this event, and they saw that I was a complete beginner but extremely hungry to learn everything I possibly could. From that moment on, the rest was history. I had an opportunity, and I became obsessed.

Within 18 months of that moment, momentum was building. My skillset was increasing by the day, and I was devouring every shred of valuable information I could get my hands on. In fact, my skillset improved so much that I was able to start landing other clients.

My life was moving at warp speed. My skillset was improving, my income was rising, and I was leaving the United States on a one-way ticket to Bali. Life was damn good.

From that point until now, my marketing skillset has evolved from understanding basic internet marketing tactics to actually understanding how to get real-world results with marketing. I have had the privilege to lead remote marketing teams for e-commerce and SaaS companies.

Encompassing everything in marketing from paid advertising, content marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, and literally every other channel that exists. After half a decade of clawing my way, I can confidently say that I actually know how to get results in this wild world of the internet.

And that is why this blog exists. To help you succeed online. Whether you are an in-house marketer, online course creator, or freelancer, I have vast experience in all of these areas, and my blog is a place to learn about strategies, tactics, and the tools you need to succeed online.



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