Where Do Billionaires Keep Their Money In 2023?

Updated On: November 26, 2022

It's no secret that billionaires have a lot of money. But what's not as well known is where they keep all that cash. After all, saving money on a mattress or under the floorboards is probably not an option if you're a billionaire.

So, where do billionaires store all their money? Let's review each and every way that rich people invest and save their money.

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Billionaire investments


  • Tax havens
  • Precious Metals IRA Accounts
  • Business Ideas
  • Offshore bank accounts
  • The Stock Market
  • Real estate
  • Art and collectibles 

1. Tax Havens 

One popular place for billionaires to store their money is in tax havens, also known as offshore financial centers. These places have low or no taxes, making them appealing to people who want to minimize their tax liability. Some well-known tax havens include the Cayman Islands, Monaco, and Singapore.

While there are some legitimate reasons for storing money in a tax haven, such as diversifying one's investments, there have also been allegations of widespread tax evasion and avoidance among the ultra-wealthy. 

2. Offshore Bank Accounts 

Another popular place for billionaires is to keep their money in offshore bank accounts. Many choose to open offshore bank accounts to diversify their investments or take advantage of lower taxes and more liberal banking laws.

An offshore bank account is located outside the country where the account holder resides. This has been very popular with swiss banks and using large sums of cash to invest.

The only problem with swiss banks is that it can be very difficult to open an account unless you live there or know someone very powerful.

3. Precious Metals IRA Accounts 

Some billionaires invest their money in precious metals like gold and silver. This is commonly done through a gold or silver IRA account, which allows people to purchase gold and silver for their retirement accounts.

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These precious metals IRAs are a popular option for investors who want to protect themselves against inflation or economic instability. Many millionaires and billionaires will roll over their 401(k) into a gold IRA account and buy other tangible assets such as gold bars and coins.

If you are looking for the best gold ira companies, you can read this blog post here.

4. Investment Portfolios 

For billionaires, one of the most popular choices is an investment portfolio. Investment portfolios come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one goal: to grow your wealth.

Many different types of investments can be included in a portfolio, from:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • & Many other assets

The key is to diversify your holdings so that you are not overly exposed to any one type of asset. A billionaire can minimize risk by selecting a mix of investments while achieving high returns. In today's volatile economic climate, a well-designed investment portfolio can be the key to preserving and growing wealth.

5. Real Estate 

Fourth on our list is real estate. For many billionaires, real estate represents a more tangible way to store their wealth than stocks or bonds. Not only can real estate appreciate over time, but it can also provide a steady income through rent or other means. Such people as Warren Buffett have greatly impacted people's wealth through investing in real estate.

Create wealth through real estate

Not many people know when you have wealth tied to a real estate property and lose money, you can put on your taxes that property and write off the loss. This is how many rich people keep and carry on their wealth.

I would recommend speaking to a financial advisor or tax professional to learn more about how wealthy people use real estate as an advantage.

6. The Stock Market 

Most billionaires didn't become rich by gambling on the stock market. Many of them made their money by investing in solid, long-term companies. Companies most people invest in are the S&P 500 and NASDAQ companies.

The stock market for billionaires

However, the stock market can still be a helpful place for billionaires to park their money. Many financial advisors say It's a way to diversify their investment portfolio and protect their wealth from inflation. And if they're smart about it, they can even make a little extra money. Of course, there's always the risk of losing money in the stock market.

But for most billionaires, that's just a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing their money is safely invested.

7. Investing In Businesses

A common strategy for billionaires is to invest their money in businesses. By investing in businesses, billionaires can increase the value of their money while also taking on less risk than if they had invested in stocks or alternative investments.

Billionaires often invest in businesses in their early stages, known as venture capital. This allows them to get in on the ground floor and see the highest return on their investment, giving them a nice cash flow after a few years.

In addition to venture capital, billionaires also invest in established businesses that they believe have high growth potential. The money invested in these businesses can provide a steady income stream and help grow the billionaire's net worth. Consequently, investing in companies is a common way for high-net-worth individuals to keep their assets.

8. Art and Collectibles 

As the world economy continues to grow, more and more people are becoming billionaires. Where do these ultra-wealthy individuals keep their money? While some may invest in traditional assets such as stocks and real estate, others may opt for more unconventional options like art and collectibles.

Collectibles: dollar

Cash equivalents like art and collectibles can be attractive investments for billionaires because they offer many benefits. First, they can be easily liquidated if the need arises. Second, they often appreciate value over time, providing the potential for significant returns. Finally, intellectual property like art can be used to hedge against inflation, as the prices of art and collectibles often rise faster than the cost of living.

Of course, investing in art and collectibles is also associated with risks. For instance, it can be challenging to find qualified appraisers, and there is always the possibility that the value of a piece may decline. Nevertheless, art and collectibles can be appealing options for billionaire investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

9. High-Interest Savings Account

While the average person might keep their money in a single savings account, billionaires typically spread their wealth across multiple banks. This helps protect their assets in case of financial trouble at one institution. This includes a high-yield savings account, typically a type of online account.

A high-interest savings account can offer many benefits to billionaires. For one thing, it provides a safe and secure place to store their money while earning passive income over time. Additionally, these accounts often offer greater flexibility than other investment options. I'd recommend splitting your savings since most of these banks only cover $250,000 in case of a bank failure.

At the end of the day, there are many different investment strategies that billionaires might follow. Whether they're investing in startups, real estate, or collectibles, billionaire investors must be smart and strategic about where they put their money.

How Do The Wealthy Protect Their Money?

The wealthy have a few different ways of protecting their money. One is to keep it in assets that can be quickly turned into cash, like stocks and bonds.

They also tend to diversify their investments so that if one type of investment loses value, they still have others doing well. Another way the wealthy protect their money is by investing in things that will appreciate over time, such as real estate or a retirement investment account.

And finally, they often have lawyers and financial advisors who help them save on taxes and safeguard their assets. Of course, not everyone has that much money to protect in the first place. But for those who do, these are ways they go about it.


While there are many places where billionaires can store their money, these five are some of the most popular. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so weighing all the options before deciding where to put your own money is essential.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket! No matter where you choose to store your wealth, remember that diversification is critical.

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