7+ Best VOD Platforms for Monetization [Ranked and Reviewed]

Updated On: November 10, 2022

Video-on-demand (VOD) services are all the rage nowadays, and with good reason.

Remember the time when you had to wait for a date and time for your favorite show to air on TV?

With VOD platforms, all you can do is sign up and binge-watch an entire series in one sitting, no waiting necessary.

While we review the best choices in this blog post, here is my top VOD streaming platform:

Colin's Top Pick

Uscreen box logo

Our Take On Uscreen:

With Uscreen, you can easily monetize video content without regular streaming services' headaches. Change the way you create video content with this VOD streaming service.


out of 5

  • Best For: Video Creators
  • Price: $99/mo
  • Discount: Free Trial

And if you’re in the video creator business, you should offer the same luxury to your audience by setting up a VOD service to call your own.

Here is my hand-picked list of the best VOD platforms of 2023.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan.

What Are the Best VOD Platforms?

  1. Uscreen - Overall best all-in-one VOD platform for entrepreneurs, artists, and creators.
  2. Muvi - Popular VOD platform that is also an OTT platform and live streaming service.
  3. Vimeo OTT - Best platform for creators to launch subscription-based video content.
  4. Dacast - Top platform for broadcasters focused on B2B content streaming.
  5. Vidyard - Best VOD platform for video marketing, virtual training, and increasing sales.
  6. JW Player - Top VOD service for high-quality video streaming and pro-ad-revenue.
  7. Brightcove - Comprehensive video-focused services for enterprises across all industries.
  8. IBM Watson Video - Best VOD service for B2B and B2C streaming and OTT content.

#1 Uscreen - Arguably the Best VOD Platform

Uscreen Hero


Among VOD platforms, Uscreen is arguably the best among the rest.

You can set up an online streaming platform with it for subscribers to play your video-on-demand content any time they want.

The platform supports both subscription and transactional VOD monetization.

You can even stream live and save it as a VOD later so members who missed the live stream can watch it at their convenience.


  • Create a branded VOD or membership site for your videos with your domain name and design by using the easy to use customization tools
  • Distribute your video content to Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS and Android devices, and Roku apps with the Distribution feature
  • Your audience can buy your videos instantly and seamlessly with a credit card, PayPal, and Google Pay through specific sales pages and checkout processes.
  • Users can find your VOD website organically after adding the most important keywords in the SEO Settings feature.
  • Grow and retain your customers to create more conversions with built-in marketing tools like landing page builder, abandoned cart recovery, subscription upsells, and more.
  • Automate your workflow by integrating with third-party apps so you can focus on generating results and getting more subscribers.


Uscreen Pricing

The prices reflected above are for annual billing.

If you are just starting on your VOD journey, then the Basic plan will cover your bases. It costs $49 per month plus 0.50 cents per subscriber per month.

Amplify at $399 per month (plus the cost of subscribers) is a solid option if you are already using another VOD video service and are ready to try something new.

Enterprise is where the money is at. This is where you’ll access white-label branding and native apps features for TV and mobile devices, plus an account manager.

Bottom Line

Click the link below to sign up, and check out the Examples page to read about an example of how Uscreen transformed a business in your industry or niche.

Join your business with Uscreen for a 14-day free trial.

#2 Muvi - All-in-One VOD and Audio Platform

Muvi Hero


If you want to build a video-on-demand platform and just focus on publishing the videos, Muvi has got you covered.

This VOD platform gives you access to its cloud-based servers that encode and transcode your videos for its HTML5 online video player.

You can then reach out to your dedicated support manager available round-the-clock for any concerns with your account.


  • Schedule and stream on-demand video and audio content with Muvi Playout.
  • Distribute and launch your video-on-demand and webinar content on TV apps like Apple TV, Roku TV, and Amazon Fire TV, plus iOS and Android devices.
  • Your audience can watch your videos from around the world with a global CDN, Amazon Cloudfront.
  • Make revenue through various streams of video monetization: AVOD, SVOD service, and TVOD (Pay-Per-View.)
  • Fast video encoding and transcoding to make uploading video content easy for you and streaming those videos at the highest quality possible for your customers.
  • License videos from content partners and enable them to track the performance of their content using the platform’s real-time reports.


Muvi Pricing

Muvi’s pricing reflects its premium product and features, which is why their “basic” Standard plan starts at $399 per month.

All of Muvi’s plans will give you mobile apps and unlimited content and video encoding.

From there, you can choose between Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Black depending on your needs for bandwidth and storage limits, the number of users and admin accounts, shared vs. dedicated server, and tech support and security features.

Check out Muvi’s Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to get an estimate on your business’ projected revenue and expenses.

Bottom Line

For content creators and enterprise businesses looking to set up a no-code streaming video platform, Muvi offers all the tools and services to help you make this happen.

You can check out any of Muvi’s plans for a free trial by clicking the button below!

#3 Vimeo OTT - Most Popular Among Streaming Services

Vimeo OTT Hero


As one of the most popular and trusted streaming services, Vimeo takes streaming video to a whole new level with Vimeo OTT.

And with over 200 million creators and over 1,500 apps created to date, expect this video-on-demand streaming platform to provide you with the VOD solution that suits your needs.

From high-quality video broadcasts to live streaming, the platform provides you with all the tools you need to launch a premium subscription video service for your audience.


  • Subscribers can access your VOD and live streaming via multiple gaming devices and TV apps like Xbox and Samsung Tizen, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, tvOS, and more.
  • Sell your content to customers around the world with subscription and transaction-based monetization across all plans.
  • Video streaming on the well-known, high-quality, customizable Vimeo video player.
  • Keep designing your website and apps simple and easy by using the provided templates to match your brand or use Vimeo’s open API.
  • Email tech support is available for any plan, but with Growth and Enterprise, you gain access to a personal account manager and development team.


Vimeo OTT Pricing

Vimeo OTT’s pricing is highly affordable, as seen above.

You can create your VOD platform on the web with Starter for just $1 per subscriber per month.

Then, as you grow, upgrade to a customized plan with Growth ($500/month when billed annually.) Here, you can offer your videos to customers worldwide and get more ways to monetize your content.

Enterprise will give you all the necessary tools to scale your video platform. This plan includes digital rights management (DRM), simultaneous streaming, and access to software development kits (SDK), application programming interfaces (API), and more.

Bottom Line

Launch a professional video-on-demand subscription service with Vimeo OTT.

Just click the button below!

#4 Dacast - B2B Content Streaming with Security in Mind

Dacast Hero


Dacast is a streaming platform that gives businesses and organizations the keys to growing their reach via video-on-demand or live streaming with security in mind.

Its VOD hosting platform lets users upload their video streaming content with peace of mind thanks to AES encryption, domain and IP restrictions, and more.

Dacast’s video API also gives them complete control over how they want subscribers to view online video content.


  • Organize your VOD content into categories so customers can search for and choose which videos to watch quickly, creating a better user experience.
  • Fast video uploading and encoding, video libraries, and analytics in the advanced streaming CMS make managing your content a breeze.
  • Deliver content with help from premium CDN partners to guarantee fast-loading videos to end-users.
  • Dacast’s video player is mobile-friendly so that customers can watch VOD on any device.
  • Market and promote the sale of your content with promos and unlimited access fees.
  • Google Analytics integration and real-time analytics, so you can monitor and improve your content’s engagement and performance.


Dacast Pricing

Dacast’s Scale plan costs $188 per month when billed annually.

This plan has everything you need to launch your video-on-demand platform from TONS of storage (24 TB per year) to unlimited channels.

If you have high volume needs for your content, Dacast can create a custom plan.

Bottom Line

For companies looking for an excellent way of delivering streaming video content to their audience, Dacast offers the features and security they need to make this happen.

Check out a 30 day free trial of Starter, Event, or Scale (no credit card needed!) by clicking the link below.

#5 Vidyard - Sell Products to Customers Through Videos

Vidyard Hero


Online selling presents ripe opportunities for virtual sales and marketers. First, however, they must choose from streaming services that would allow them to close B2C sales effectively.

Vidyard is a few video-on-demand platform providers that enable retailers and salespeople to get personal with their audience through video content.

This VOD hosting platform is ideal for virtual education, online courses, and even free content like explainer videos to educate people.


  • Create and record videos with your webcam or with the screen recording feature.
  • Market your company or product with videos recorded on your screen, webcam, and more.
  • Allows you to create personalized videos that include the viewer’s user or company name for increased chances of conversion.
  • Generate a 3-second GIF of your video that you can embed in your emails to help you show off your personality to prospects.
  • Security features like password protection, access approvals, SSO, and playback restrictions, so your videos stay secure.
  • Built-in video analytics to see all the details on who is watching, for how long, and monitor trends.
  • Share and embed your videos to any customer via email, social media, websites, blogs, and more.


Vidyard Pricing

Vidyard has a Free plan available on top of 3 main pricing options.

Pro is a budget-friendly option at only $15 per month and will allow you to remove Vidyard branding on your videos.

The Teams plan is $300 per month when billed annually and allows for 50 embeds, 3+ users on the team, and essential onboarding.

At $1250 per month, Business gives you access to 5+ users on the team, video analytics, CRM/MAP integration, and custom onboarding.

Bottom Line

Even if your prospects are far away from you, Vidyard’s virtual selling features make you feel close to them like never before.

Sign up for free or try out Vidyard’s Pro plan by clicking on the link below!

#6 JW Player - Video Monetization Platform for Advertisers and Publishers

JW Player Hero


JW Player is unlike any of the video-on-demand or streaming services in this list.

This tool is one of the few VOD services for companies looking to display their ads on an ad-supported video (AVOD) platform.

Advertisers can join its network and extend the reach of their videos to industries covered by their niche.

Publishers get access to its yield optimization team who will help maximize their revenue when applying header bidding to video.

From here, they decide whether to display their ads on your videos and watch the money come your way!


  • Keep 100% of your ad-generated revenue from your videos.
  • Live streaming capabilities with high-quality broadcasting, API access, and streaming on any devices, OTT apps, and social media channels.
  • Grow and optimize your videos’ monetization strategy with ad stack optimization, outstream advertising, and header bidding, all with professional guidance.
  • Video encoding and transcoding so videos can be watched at the highest quality possible around the world.
  • Security services include geo-blocking, DRM, and more.


JW Player Pricing

JW Player offers primarily custom pricing.

However, you can test out this video platform’s basic specs with the Starter plan for just $10 per month. Or you can sign up for its free trial to also access its advanced and advertising features.

Bottom Line

JW Player allows brands to increase sales by serving their advertising video-on video streams of publishers looking to diversify their income stream.

Click the button to get a FREE 30-day trial or sign up for Starter with a $120 one-time payment.

#7 Brightcove - Premium Streaming Solutions for Exclusive Brands

Brightcove Hero


As the VOD (video-on-demand) service that hosted SXSW online early this year, Brightcove is a platform trusted by upscale brands looking to showcase their premium content in superior ways.

With over 15 years of experience in the VOD space, Brightcove offers full scalability to ensure that your audience access videos seamlessly from anywhere at any time.


  • Easy and simple to use Video CMS with drag-and-drop tools, Smart playlists, function access specific to users, and integrations.
  • Increase your revenue with Brightcove’s suite of ad features.
  • DRM with Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay.
  • Advanced live streaming and ABR streaming on all devices to viewers and subscribers around the world.
  • Launch full-feature virtual events that enable hosts and attendees to engage in transformative experiences.
  • Decide what you should do with your video moving forward by analyzing its performance across different platforms using data.


Brightcove Pricing

Brightcove, like JW Player, is a multi-dimensional video-on demand platform due to their various products and solutions.

From Video Cloud, Brightcove Beacon, and more, Brightcove offers multiple video platforms, VOD streaming for live events, OTT, etc.

Brightcove’s pricing is made custom to your business.

Bottom Line

Talk to the video experts at Brightcove to figure out how to help your brand achieve greater heights through video content.

Just click the link below and fill out a contact form (there are multiple throughout the website.)

#8 IBM Watson Video - Custom AI Solutions for Video Streaming

IBM Watson Video Hero


IBM Watson Media leverages AI technology to provide users with auto-captioning, video analytics, and other features of your live streams and screencasting sessions.

Using its automated features, IBM aims to help companies refine their video workflow and improve communications and monetization opportunities.

Expert broadcasters can also turn their live stream into an IBM cloud video that people can view as video-on-demand (VOD) content.


  • Build a platform where you can scale the performance of your live streams and VOD (video-on-demand) content using a built-in multi-CDN delivery system.
  • Supports simultaneous live streaming and professional broadcasting to multiple channels for increased reach.
  • Set access to your content by protecting it with a password for subscription models or embed it on open URLs to increase its reach.
  • Track the performance of your live streams and subscription VOD content in real-time and gather insights for later use.
  • Gain access to its API to customize the appearance of your video player or create mobile apps using SDKs.


IBM Watson Video Pricing

IBM Watson Video has three plan options ranging from $99 up to $999 starting prices per month.

They can also create custom plans.

Bottom Line

Try all of IBM Watson Video’s video streaming platform's features for free for 30 days by clicking the link below to sign up.

Or jump headfirst into any of their plans - Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

What Are video-on Demand Platforms?

Video-on-demand platforms offer content creators and businesses a better way to deliver video content to their audience. VOD platforms also allow brands to pursue a monetization model where people must pay a subscription fee to access exclusive content.

What Are The Best Uscreen Alternatives?

The best Uscreen alternatives for VOD are Muvi and Vimeo OTT. Muvi is perfect for professional use as it provides a wide array of video features to suit every business model imaginable by brands.

Vimeo OTT also gives you an avenue to take your video-on-demand service to greater heights at flexible price points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Netflix a VOD?

Yes, Netflix is an example of a Video-on-demand service. Just like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Google Play Movie Store, Netflix offers on-demand content like blockbuster films, TV shows, and English language titles in various categories via an internet connection rather than through a broadcast signal like cable providers or satellite TV.

What is the best VOD service?

Netflix has proven to be one of the best VOD services — if not the best. Its strength lies in its catalog of original content that has kept customers happy and coming back for more. HBO Max isn’t far behind for the same reason — its selection of original series has remained popular through the years. Finally, Hulu is another VOD service known for its comprehensive list of network and television shows.

How do I access VOD?

Most video-on-demand (VOD) services require you to sign up for a monthly fee to access its content. The cost depends on the service and the region you’re in.

Wrap Up.

If you’re ready to launch a subscription-based, on-demand video business, you can’t go wrong with any of the platforms above.

However, your choice for a video-on-demand service will depend on your needs and requirements to truly benefit from it.

Among the VOD services above, Uscreen walks the fine line between premium features and usability at affordable prices to help you set up your VOD service with relative ease.


Uscreen is a powerful video platform to help you monetize in the creator economy space. 

Start A Free Trial
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

On the other hand, JW Player creates a profitable network where advertisers and publishers help each other monetize their businesses differently.

For marketers and sellers looking to leverage video to make a profit, they’re better off using Vidyard for their prospects.

Once you have a clear idea of what you need from your VOD service, you will be able to find the right tool for your business.

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