Best Time Tracking Software [5+ Apps Compared]

Updated On: February 10, 2021

Want to know what REALLY can be the next greatest thing since good ol’ sliced bread? (Hint: think time tracking software 😉 )

Finding out those important things you needed to get done only took a FRACTION of the time it did yesterday (and the day before that, so on, so forth…).

It’s easy to lose track of productive time when you’re off diddling around on that never-ending IG feed and being the most quick to respond member in the Slack group message.

But now you’re getting more done, your business is growing, AND you have more free time! Your team, if you have one, is feeling it too.

Productivity, payroll/scheduling, and organization is 💯.


Because you’re using a LIFE-CHANGING time tracking software, whether you’re a freelancer, independent contractor, or leading a team.

What is the Best Time Tracking Software?

  1. Paymo App – Best overall time tracking app that doubles as a project management software for companies of all sizes.
  2. Time Doctor – Best time tracking software for employee monitoring.
  3. Wrike – Best time tracking app and project management tool for visualizing project timelines and integration needs.
  4. Hubstaff – Best time tracking software with real time GPS tracking to keep track of employees and tasks.
  5. RescueTime – Best software to track time for both individuals and teams improving time management and focus.
  6. Toggl Track – Best software for tracking time spent on projects and tasks among teams.

Here is a list of the BEST time tracking software apps of 2021.

#1 Paymo App.

Paymo App Hero


Paymo is an all-inclusive time tracking tool with a mobile app and desktop app for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. 

Paymo is the best if you’re a start up company, small business, or agency. But it is also easy for freelancing and to track time for your one-man band. 

For multiple projects, PaymoPlus has your back. Its automatic time tracking runs in the background to record how much time you spend on various browser pages and programs. Paymo will work with you as you track your company’s growth.


  • Time tracking
  • Team project management
  • Multi-user assigning
  • Kanban boards 
  • Gantt charts
  • Team scheduling
  • Task management 
  • Create Invoices
  • Reporting
  • Resource management
  • Fixed or time-based rates
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Expense Tracking
  • Online support
  • Integrations (Google Apps, Google Calendar, Slack, Quickbooks Online, Zapier, Xero, Adobe CC Extension, Typeform, Jotform, Integromat, Pomodone, LamdaTest, ReThink, GrandTotal, Shift)

Paymo offers tons of features beyond the few highlights that stand out. Like many project management apps, you can show off your data in user-friendly Gantt charts and collaborate with coworkers on Kanban boards.

With comprehensive support from the company on resource management, financial management, and reporting, there are endless features that scale to your company as it grows.


Paymo App Pricing

The $9.95 per user per month subscription is perfect to tackle the routines of a small or medium business.

Take control of your business’ tight budget by using features such as the integrated project accounting to turn project data into invoices, create estimates, and track expenses. 

The $15.79 per user per month tier is ideal for larger workforces needing to track more team members.

Paymo comes in clutch here with everything from the small business subscription PLUS free onboarding and training, Gantt charts, and more.

Bottom Line

Paymo is one of the most popular, comprehensive yet easy time tracking apps that exist today. One more thing – Paymo offers a FREE account to freelancers. Click the link below to get this AMAZING time tracking software tool.

#2 Time Doctor.

Tim Docter Hero


Keeping track in real time in today’s remote work culture is just as critical to your budget as content marketing. Time Doctor is the best time tracking software for businesses with an emphasis on remote work where keeping tabs on employee time and productivity is critical.

The desktop app and mobile app offers time tracking features such as timed screenshots of employee monitors and time reports on program and browser activity. Time Doctor consolidates employee activity into readable weekly reports, where you can take employee monitoring to a deeper, more thorough level. 


  • Client-based project tracking
  • Open API access
  • Automated screenshots
  • GDPR & HIPAA compliance
  • Timesheets and reports
  • Easy to use compatibility across devices
  • Web & App usage monitoring
  • Break tracking
  • Productivity analytics
  • Custom user roles and permissions
  • Distraction and time use alerts
  • Integrations (Google Apps, Slack, Salesforce, Todoist, Trello, WorPress, Zendesk, and more – seriously, A LOT more. Click the link above or below to see all of them!)

One thing to point out about TimeDoctor’s time tracking software is that it is fully customizable. As a business owner, you can be as laissez faire as you want, or not. Turn options like screenshots on and off or edit snapshots to get a more accurate look at employee work and time habits.


Time Doctor Pricing

The most basic plan starts at $7 per user per month.

But let’s be real. To get the most benefit out of Time Doctor’s features, we should look at the standard plan that is priced at $10 per user per month. It includes app and URL tracking, payroll, integrations, and 24 hour support.

The big boi premium plan at $20 per user per month unlocks the full list of time tracking features, video screen captures, VIP support, and unlimited data.

Bottom Line

You can use Time Doctor to track hours, monitor employee tasks, and create reports that don’t compare to anything else.

Save yourself from teams wasting time away from projects with this insane time tracking app. 

Did I mention that Time Doctor offers a free plan trial for all 3 tiers?

That is a 14-day trial FO FREE (no credit card required either.)

#3 Wrike.


Wrike is far from just a time tracking app. 

On top of time tracking, Wrike collects data on time spent and turns it into visual charts and graphics that help keep track of team progress, plans, and goals. 

Think of Wrike as an all-in-one task manager that streamlines workflow and turns time tracking into an art form.


  • Scalable software
  • Interactive data visualization
  • Gantt charts and Kanban boards
  • Asset publication and project portfolios
  • Real-time activity stream of projects and tasks
  • Report templates
  • Automated approvals and pre-built templates to help save time
  • Visual proofing
  • Custom request forms
  • Shareable dashboards and team calendars
  • Automated workflow tools

Wrike has integrations for all of its features (the integration list includes Salesforce, Tableau, JIRA, and more.)

Easy to use project management features and time tracking software can be found on the desktop app and mobile app for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Wrike Pricing

Wrike offers free time tracking for up to five users, making it one of the best time tracking apps for small businesses.

Upgrade to the $9.80 per user per month for up to fifteen users and $24.80 per user per month for up to two hundred users as your team grows. 

The highest time tracking tier Wrike offers is called Enterprise, where you can fine-tune security controls and user permissions for different team leaders and projects.

Bottom Line

Wrike is up there with companies like Paymo and Time Doctor. Major companies like AirBNB and Snowflake use it.

This time tracking app also differentiates its plans and packages for Marketing and Creative Teams vs Professional Service teams.

So they have EXACTLY the right time tracking software for you and your team.

#4 Hubstaff.

Hubstaff Hero


Hubstaff is the best time tracking software for small teams and businesses whether employees are in the office or working remotely.

 It is relatively affordable compared to the other time tracking apps we have reviewed, yet still meets all of our time tracking needs. 

The time tracker’s dashboard shows a breakdown of employee time spent on work and projects. This time tracking app consolidates timesheets, invoices, schedules, and reports into one easy to use location. 

A unique feature of this tracking software is GPS geofencing where automatic time tracking starts and stops based on location. 

Task management just got real. In real time.


  • Converts across Windows, Mac, and Linex
  • Chrome extension
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Individual employee activity reports
  • Random screenshots
  • Team dashboard
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Project budgeting
  • Geofencing
  • Scheduling
  • Automated payroll software
  • Online timesheets
  • Offline time tracking
  • URL tracking
  • 24/7 support
  • App Integrations

Hubstaff’s features quickly stack to create a faster, more straightforward project management system and time tracking tool.


Hubstaff Pricing

If you’re looking for a trusty time tracking software just for you and you only, Hubstaff offers a free time tracking plan.

This free, yes, FREE plan gives you all of the necessary activity and time tracking tools. 

The basic plan is $7 per user per month, but based on the time tracking app’s features of the premium plan, which only costs a little bit more at $10 – it’s a no-brainer. That is where you will find GPS automatic time tracking feature.

For $20 per user per month, you can get everything that the premium subscription offers plus VIP support and unlimited job sites.

Bottom Line

Hubstaff is the best time tracking tool for small businesses in varying industries – real estate, construction, healthcare, e-commerce, you name it.

It is especially unique for its Geofencing time tracking feature and GPS tracking (which is supported on the Android and iOS mobile app!) So, you know when your employees are nearby and can pick up your Starbucks order.

#5 RescueTime.

Rescue Time hero


RescueTime is the go-to app you NEED for time tracking and making work hours strictly 

Work. Hours. Only. *mic drop*

The automatic time tracker logs all of your activity and reports your time data on a dashboard. RescueTime then analyzes your habits and categorizes sites as either “distracting” or “productive.” 

RescueTime includes tracking productive off-screen time (tracking time spent on a Zoom call, webinar, etc.) 

Like other time tracking apps, this one can integrate with platforms like Slack and Google Calendar. There is also the mobile app version for on-the-go productive time tracking.


  • Automatic time tracking
  • Individual and team software tools
  • Unlimited data reports
  • FocusTime tool
  • Distraction blocking
  • Integrate with calendar and apps
  • Daily browsing limits
  • Pop-up focus alerts
  • Keyword filters
  • Daily highlights
  • Weekly, monthly, annual reports
  • Smart goal tracking
  • Track offline productive time

RescueTime’s algorithm works to understand your work habits and suggest changes based on patterns.


Rescue Time Pricing

RescueTime has a free Lite plan that includes basic automated tracking and time reporting. 

At $12/month, the individual premium plan expands your options for blocking distractions and logging offline activity.

For teams taking advantage of the hours tracking tool as a group, the subscription rate starts at $6 per team member per month

Bottom Line

This time tracking software helps you stay focused on your projects with distraction-blocking features and real-time alerts.

Alerts appear on your smartphone to let you know when you’ve gone over your allotted time on distracting sites, as well as congratulating you for more extended focus periods. 

RescueTime is like child lock but for your internet addictions.

#6 Toggl Track.

Toggl Track Hero


Toggl Track is a favorite time tracking app for creative teams, law firms, and SaaS companies. Get full access to features you need to follow, log, and organize your time blocks. 

Use the suggestion pop-ups feature to keep a clear line between work and playful online time. 

Cross-platform sync helps track time accurately no matter what device or browser you’re using. It comes with browser extensions, continuity across devices, and a helpful Pomodoro timer.

Top Features

  • Background tracking
  • Sync across platforms
  • One-click timers
  • Weekly data reports
  • Time rounding
  • Revenue tracking
  • Project estimates
  • Saved reports
  • Billable rates
  • Profits vs. labor costs
  • Budget and timeline dashboard
  • Time audits
  • Auto tracker suggestion pop-ups
  • Calendar and app integration

Toggle Track also has a mobile app for both Android and iOS.


Toggl Pricing

Toggl has an awesome free plan for freelancers, allowing up to five team members on one project to use its time tracking features and countless integrations.

It’s the best time tracker app for free users. 

The Starter plan at $9 per user per month is ideal to keep track of time among team members where there is less oversight on employee monitoring.

The Premium plan at $18 per user per month is perfect to track time and project management among multiple teams.

Last, but not least, Toggl has an Enterprise plan option at custom pricing depending on the size of your business and your time tracking needs.

Bottom Line

Toggl Track is an excellent way to learn about how you and your team spend time during those never ending projects. 

And if you’re a freelancer needing to track your budget and time management closely, or a student tracking your online course work, this is the best time tracking app for your needs.

What is Time Tracking Software?

An easy to use time tracking app helps you organize and understand your time spent on projects and tasks. It’s an app that both individuals and businesses can use to keep track of billable hours, productivity, and time spent on various projects. 

Whether you struggle with time management or want to help your employees stay accountable on the clock, there are time tracking apps out there to help. The best time tracker software has a combination of project management tools, scheduling features, and payroll and reporting features.

Basically, finding and choosing the right time tracking app will result in saved time, saved money, and more completed projects – aka reaching those business goals faster than those NOT using time trackers.

Wrap Up.

Whatever your workflow, technology takes care of the details. For freelancers who struggle with focus, productivity-boosting apps like RescueTime help you stay on task and get the most out of your billable hours (and put down that third cup of coffee).

Paymo ensures that your team is on the same page and TimeDoctor keeps tabs on how all of your employees are using their time on the clock, doubling as project management software.

With so many of the best time trackers available at a wide range of pricing options, it’s not so difficult to stay productive, no matter where or how you’re working.

May the best time tracking software be with you.

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