7+ Best Sales Funnel Software Tools [Compared]

Updated On: March 31, 2021

What is the Best Sales Funnel Software?

As a marketer, you need the right sales funnel software that will automate the whole sales process and save yourself headache, time, and money.

A good sales funnel builder will build sales funnels from scratch within just a few hours, but also measure the effectiveness of your existing ones.

But finding the right one with the best set of funnel software tools can be tricky.

That’s why I compiled a list of the best sales funnel software solutions that will maximize your sales and improve conversions for your online business.

#1 Kartra.

Best All-In-One Solution

Kartra hero


The best thing about Kartra is that it’s the only tool you’ll need. You don’t have to pay for an email marketing solution or a page builder.

You’ll have everything on one platform – a huge time saver.

On top of that, it’s super easy to use and highly intuitive.


  • Automatic emails for closing more customers without lifting a finger
  • Membership sites for improving customers’ loyalty and your revenue
  • Landing page builder to save more time & boosting sales
  • Build successful sales funnels with just a few clicks
  • 40% pay affiliate program for maximizing your conversions
  • Online courses that establish you as an authority in your industry
  • Opt-in forms to encourage more leads to perform the desired action

The most useful thing about Kartra is its built-in templates.

Choose from thousands of top-notch sales funnel templates created by genius marketers like Frank Kern.

It’s also one of the best sales funnel solutions for online courses.

And you can also add your team members into Kartra to work remotely together in real-time.


Kartra Pricing

Kartra’s pricing is super affordable.

You may be wondering, “Wait what? That’s not affordable at all…”

But, keep in mind that it’s all-in-one. You don’t need to worry about any other tools (unlike most sales funnel software).

It also includes a 14-day trial for only $1 and a 30-day guarantee.

Kartra 30 day money back guarantee

Bottom Line

If you hate switching between hundreds of tools, Kartra may be just the right solution.

Kartra is for everyone, whether you’re a day-one beginner or a marketing veteran.

In my opinion, it’s the best sales funnel tools on the market.

#2 GrooveFunnels.

Best Free Sales Funnel Software

GrooveFunnels hero


GrooveFunnels is similar to Kartra in that it is also an all-in-one, easy-to-use, and highly intuitive sales funnel builder.

But unlike Kartra, it has a better-looking design and a webinar hosting platform built right in.

The most breath-taking thing is that it’s completely FREE.

(At least for now, they have a limited offer going on.)


  • Pop-ups, quizzes & surveys to build a better rapport with your audience
  • Scheduled emails and follow-ups to maximize your email potential
  • Online courses & membership sites to establish authority and loyalty
  • Embed and host videos – consumers’ favorite type of content
  • Affiliate marketing program to increase your revenue
  • 1 click upsells for maximizing the order value
  • Drag and drop sales funnels within a few minutes
  • Scheduled and live webinars to generate perfectly qualified leads

It supports video hosting, which is a great feature that allows you to record videos and upload them directly to your sales pages.

Unlike Kartra, GrooveFunnels has only a basic design and interface for affiliate marketing. It also lacks customizable templates.

Bear in mind you can expect minor bugs as it’s still in its Beta version.

GrooveFunnels plans to release an SDK (Software Development Kit), that will allow you to build and publish your own plugins.

It’ll give you literally unlimited customization options.


Groovefunnels Pricing

GrooveFunnels’ pricing can be ideal for new business owners.

It’s completely FREE (at least for now). Don’t hesitate and go grab it while you can.

It’s all-in-one so you don’t have to spend money on additional tools.

Bottom Line

If your main goal isn’t affiliate marketing and you don’t mind occasional bugs, GrooveFunnels can be an excellent funnel tool for your business.

It’s especially great if you’re on a tight budget.

Overall, it’s a more affordable, better looking Kartra alternative.

#3 Keap.

Best CRM Focused Option

Keap hero


Keap is excellent sales funnel software, especially if you’re looking for an advanced CRM (it even won a G2 award).

Keap Software Award

Unlike previous tools, it’s more specific (not all-in-one).

What may disappoint you is a lack of landing page templates. It’ll slow down the creation of sales funnels.

It’s also more complicated and you’ll need some time to learn it.


  • In-depth insights and reports to measure the effectiveness of your strategy
  • Landing page templates that convert & save you lots of time
  • Automate your marketing, invest your time into things that matter & earn more
  • Appointments & opt-in forms for generating and converting more leads
  • A/B testing for finding the strategy that works
  • Drag and drop sales pages in a matter of minutes
  • Shopping cart automations for encouraging your customers to buy more
  • Sales pipeline for visualizing and improving the whole sales process

Keap also provides you with reports to track your progress

It will also provide you with revenue sources, show you where most contact occurs.

Everything is extremely in-depth, but there’s a catch…


Keap Pricing

Keap’s pricing is probably its biggest pain point.

The thing is, if you want to access Analytics, you’ll need to pick the most expensive option.

What’s even more annoying, that still doesn’t give you detailed stats.

If you want in-depth stats about your business, you’ll need to buy additional plugins. It can turn out to be extremely expensive sales funnel software.

Bottom Line

Keap is the #1 in CRM if you are looking for advanced automation and can provide you with detailed analytics as well.

It’s not all-in-one though – you’ll need to invest in additional tools and plugins.

But, if your main goal is to have a marketing automation juggernaut of a CRM, it’s definitely worth your money.

#4 Thrive Leads.

Best Email List Building Tool

Thrive Leads hero


Thrive Leads is the best sales funnel software for anyone looking to build a solid email list.

That’s its only purpose – to get leads to your email list fast.

(Thrive Leads offers over 10 types of opt in forms for that. Pretty crazy, huh?)

But aside from this, it can’t help you with anything else that isn’t email marketing related.


  • 10+ opt in forms to get more leads at the right moment
  • Scroll mats to grab users attention and make them do the desired action
  • Detailed statistics to adjust your strategy and earn more
  • Screen filler overlay to turn any page into a conversion machine
  • A/B testing to find the winning strategies
  • Exit intent to reduce bounce rate and retain more customer
  • Content lock to make conversions from your high-quality content
  • Templates that improves open-rate and boost email conversions

Thrive Leads doesn’t have all the fancy features like Kartra or GrooveFunnels.

But when it comes to email marketing, it’s your go-to tool.


Thrive Themes Pricing

Thrive Leads’ pricing is super affordable and you get a ton of value.

You pay $19 per month paid annually and you get access to ALL of the Thrive Themes tools.

Bottom Line

If your goal is to build an email list, look no further.

It’s the best sales funnel software for growing your email list fast.

#5 Sleeknote.

Best Non-WordPress Email Capture Tool

Sleaknote hero


Sleeknote is sales funnel software that specializes in pop ups.

It uses pop ups for everything – collecting emails, helping visitors to contact you, and sending them to the right products.

It’s also very user friendly and easy to use.

The best thing about it is its connectivity – it works perfectly on every CMS and e-commerce platform.


  • A/B split testing for finding the right strategy
  • Teaser & countdown timers to stimulate urgency and close more sales
  • Landing page pop-ups to encourage leads to perform an action
  • Advanced analytics for measuring your success
  • Multistep digital marketing for delivering super-relevant content
  • Cookies and HTML conditions for hyper-personalized content
  • Smart triggers & exit intent to keep leads on your site longer
  • Goal tracking to measure the impact of your campaigns on your conversion goals

Sleeknote’s “Smart Triggers” feature can be a complete game-changer for your business.

It’ll help you target highly qualified leads, make them move down the sales funnel, and improve your sales.

It’s superb for optimizing lead collection and helping you sell your products.


Sleeknote Pricing

Sleeknote’s pricing starts at $69 per month.

A great thing about the price is that you pay by the number of sessions. The more sessions you have, the more you pay.

It’s a bit pricey compared to the competitors in the industry, but when it comes to value for money, it’s definitely worth it.

Bottom Line

If you love pop-ups, this sales funnel software is king.

It allows you to identify leads at different stages of the sales funnel and target them with hyper-personalized pop ups.

If you don’t mind a slightly higher price, definitely go for it.

#6 SamCart.

Best E-Commerce Solution

SamCart hero


SamCart looks at e-commerce from a different perspective.

It’s a sales funnel software that doesn’t focus on building a huge product catalog and showcasing all your products. Instead, it focuses on what matters the most…

A seamless buying experience personalized for each of your visitors.

(That’s why their clients make 2X more sales than the average e-commerce platform).


  • Drag and drop editor that make the creation of pages effortless
  • One click upsells to increase order value
  • An affiliate program that increases your revenues and sales
  • Advanced reports & analytics to measure the effectiveness of your strategy
  • Coupons & discount to increase your conversion rate
  • Taxes, Vat & Payment processors for secure payments online
  • Cart abandonment reminder to push prospects to buy
  • Order bumps to increase customer value

SamCart will help you create a working e-commerce site with everything you need easily.

It’s also very user friendly and has a short learning curve.

In comparison with the previous tools, it doesn’t have many integrations, which can be very limiting. So, make sure to check if you can integrate it with all the additional tools you use.


Samcart Pricing

SamCart’s pricing is similar to the previous tools. The prices start at $49 per month.

You can also choose a 14-day free trial and they even have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It’s great for building basic e-commerce, but you’ll need complementary marketing tools for email marketing, etc.

Bottom Line

If you’re an e-commerce business owner, there is no better sales funnel software than SamCart.

It’s very user friendly and can be an excellent addition to an existing website or as a way of starting an online shop business.

#7 ActiveCampaign.

Best Marketing Automation Software

ActiveCampaign hero


ActiveCampaign is a perfect funnel solution for business automation.

It’ll help you with personalized email marketing, powerful marketing automation, and CRM.

It’ll allow you to include a live chat on your website too.

The best thing about it is its price. It’s very affordable – you’re paying only for how much you use.


  • Full marketing automation to deliver an incredible customer experience
  • Social media integrations for stepping up your social media game
  • A/B testing for maximal effectiveness of your strategies
  • Email marketing & segmentation for supercharging conversions
  • Subscriptions forms to build a successful email list
  • Dynamic content for delivering hyper-personalized content
  • Site messages that grab attention at the most persuasive moment
  • Advanced reporting for diving deeper and improving your strategy

It has every feature you can think of for automating your business.

But, you might get overwhelmed and confused, but after a while, you can get a hang of it and use its full potential.

There are occasional bugs, but overall, there are no problems.


Active Campaign Pricing

The prices start at $15 per month, which is super affordable.

It has a great pricing policy – pay according to the size of your audience.

Bottom Line

If you want to automate your business, ActiveCampaign has your back.

It allows you to automate everything – from email marketing to the whole user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sales Funnel Software?

Sales funnel software will help you build some or all of the parts of an automated sales process for you to collect leads, market to them, and close sales.l

It’ll allow you to drag-and-drop pre-made landing pages and get leads to your email list.

It’ll also save lots of time and money by automating everything.

What is a sales funnel system?

A sales funnel system (A.K.A sales funnel) is a process that companies use to lead prospects to purchase a product/service.

It consists of four main stages prospects go through.

These stages will help prospects understand their problem, position your product as a solution, and lead to a conversion.

It’s basically a virtual salesperson working 24/7 for your business.

Why do you need a sales funnel?

You need a sales funnel to convert more leads.

It’ll also help you retain more customers and lead to repeated purchases.

It can also be a great solution for automating the whole sales process.

Wrap Up.

So, which Sales Funnel Software is the BEST?

There’s no one fit solution for sales funnel software.

But no matter what business you are in, you need to use proper tools to create high converting sales funnels.

It’ll improve the lead generation and increase your sales.

I showed you the best sales funnel software. Hopefully, you’ll find the right one that will satisfy all your needs

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