11+ Best Meeting Management Software Tools

Updated On: March 26, 2021

Researchers found that more than 31 hours are spent in unproductive meetings each month. That’s equivalent to 46 workdays wasted and not getting anything done!

Can your company afford to waste a month and a half doing nothing?

Of course not!

Many businesses have started investing in meeting management software to help simplify, organize, and check off those action items with effective meetings every single time.

Here are the best team meeting management apps of 2021.

Take a look.

What Are The Best Meeting Management Software Tools?

  1. nTask – Best all-in-one meeting management software for planning and managing team meetings
  2. GoToMeeting – Top team meeting app for businesses of all sizes
  3. ClickMeeting – Best meeting management solution for webinars, online classes, and courses
  4. Miro – Effective meeting management app for keeping attendees engaged
  5. HubSpot – Free meeting management software for booking and scheduling meetings
  6. Soapbox – Ideal meeting tracking software designed for managers
  7. Acuity Scheduling – The most cohesive and user-friendly meeting platform for businesses
  8. Hugo – Best meeting software that easily integrates with 20+ popular apps
  9. Lucid – An innovative meeting solution that captures audit-ready records while measuring performance
  10. Microsoft Teams – The best meeting management platform for video conferencing
  11. Meetin.gs – Easy meeting management app for leading and coordinating group meetings
  12. Fuze – The top enterprise-grade team meeting management solution for global collaboration

#1 nTask.

nTask Hero


nTask is the top meeting management platform on our list.

With this solution, you can easily plan, schedule, and manage your team meetings from start to finish.

nTask allows users to link their meetings with tasks for better communication and collaboration.

Managers can use the built-in time tracking software to stay on top of their project management.

The platform also enables highlighting key discussion points during a meeting to ensure important details are emphasized.


  • Associate each meeting easily with a task to develop a clear agenda among you and your team members or participants
  • You can invite as many people as you want to meetings through personalized email invitations.
  • Group meetings can be synced with calendars (like Google Calendar) so you never miss another session or deadline.
  • You can easily decide follow-up actions that need to be made together with a date by which they need to be accomplished. Decision making is easier with nTask.
  • The nTask meeting management module lets you quickly convert follow-up actions into respective tasks.
  • You can easily publish meetings and share key meeting minutes for all team members to assess important takeaways and decide on necessary actions.


nTask Pricing

Annual billing prices are shown above.

The Premium plan costs $2.99 per month for each user. It offers all of the features from the free meeting management software plan including 5GB storage, customer filters, bulk actions, and access to the Kanban Board.

Business comes with everything from Premium including 10GB storage, risk management, custom roles and permissions, and custom status.

The Enterprise plan has custom pricing with custom onboarding, a dedicated account manager, and dedicated cloud capabilities.

Bottom Line

We love nTask because of its smart features that are effective for efficient meetings related to work.

You can check it out by signing up for an nTask free trial.

#2 GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting Hero

The next meeting management tool on our list is GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting is an industry leader when it comes to digital video conferencing and is trusted by millions worldwide.

The platform is known for its reliable, easy, and fast professional digital meeting solution.

You can quickly set face-to-face meetings, share presentations, and chat with co-workers with a click of a button.

GoToMeeting combines flexibility and productivity, allowing employees to work effectively wherever they may be.

It is probably the best alternative Webex by Cisco on the market for enterprise-level customers.


  • GoToMeeting can easily scale as your business grows, allowing you to extend access to more users as needed.
  • Provides a high-quality instant video capability that changes the way you communicate.
  • Allows users to collaborate with several participants in real-time from anywhere and on any device or operating system.
  • You can quickly start or join sessions with one click and explore new possibilities with multi-channel support options.
  • GoToMeeting offers collaboration and meeting tools that allow you easy integration with your calendar.
  • You only need to have a webcam and internet access to attend your next online meeting.
  • Enable GoToMeeting’s Smart Meeting Assistant to help you automatically transcribe and record meeting minutes to share with your team.


GoToMeeting Pricing

The prices reflected above are for annual billing.

What makes GoToMeeting plans great is that they all offer toll-free numbers and pay-as-you-go capability.

The Professional plan costs $14 and allows 150 attendees in meetings while the Business plan costs $19 for 250 attendees.

You can get custom rates if you avail of the Enterprise plan including bundled savings on webinars, phones, and room solutions.

Bottom Line

GoToMeeting offers intuitive collaboration tools with the ability to scale easily with any organization.

Apply for a Professional, Business, or Enterprise plan to create better, productive meetings for your business.

#3 ClickMeeting.

ClickMeeting Hero

ClickMeeting is the ideal meeting management tool for online courses, training sessions, product showcases, and other digital events.

It offers a browser-based webinar platform that helps organizations utilize the power of webinars, whether for one-person firms or multinational companies.

Getting started with ClickMeeting is easy and hassle-free. You can customize your webinar rooms including other elements with just a few clicks.

No installation is needed with the software and it can work on all devices.


  • Users can host productive webinars no matter the device or operating system they are using.
  • ClickMeeting has a presentation tool that lets you engage your audience using content that supports what you say and helps get your message across.
  • You can decide when to talk privately with other presenters or switch back to the public meeting.
  • The platform offers a screen sharing feature that helps drive effective collaboration and audience engagement.
  • Run surveys and polls on any subject during your webinar to collate insights, feedback, and opinion from the audience.
  • Obtain and export in-depth details about a specific webinar and utilize useful trends and predictions.
  • Custom branding design tool for representing your brand throughout the webinar experience.
  • Waiting Room shows the meeting agenda and action items.


ClickMeeting Pricing

Start running digital webinars and virtual meetings with their Live plan for only $25 per month when billed annually.

Get the Automated plan for $40 per month for increased recording and file storage and also to gain access to automated recurring meetings.

The custom-priced Enterprise plan lets you organize huge virtual events for up to 10,000 attendees.

Enterprise plans also come with 10 hours of video hosting storage.

Bottom Line

ClickMeeting is our favorite for running digital courses, classes, and webinars.

Head over to the website to check out their plans by clicking the link below.

#4 Miro.

Miro Hero

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that lets you bring your cross-functional teams together anytime and anywhere.

More than 10 million project managers, product managers, developers, and other talented people worldwide use Miro to brainstorm, visualize, and collaborate on ideas.

The platform offers more than 250 ready-made templates that let you connect and work with others as if you’re with them in person.


  • Miro provides a whole toolkit for customer journey maps, sprint planning, wireframing, retros, and more.
  • Pre-built templates are available as well as the ability to create your own templates and frameworks.
  • See the cursors of your collaborators to keep track of team members as they engage with your boards.
  • Obtain reviews, feedback, and approvals through multiple communication options.
  • Miro offers integrations with Jira, Slack, Sketch, Google Drive, and more to help streamline your workflow.
  • Share your work with others straight from the Miro platform.


Miro Pricing

Miro has free and premium plans with prices starting at $10 per user monthly or $8 per month for annual billing.

Their paid premium plans provide users with extended features such as private board sharing, advance attention management, custom templates, and more.

The Enterprise plan is available at custom pricing. This plan is intended for companies seeking enterprise-level workflows, integrations, controls, and support.

Bottom Line

Check out Miro for free or sign up with one of their premium plans for additional features.

#5 HubSpot.

HubSpot Hero

HubSpot’s Meeting Scheduler is a free platform that lets you schedule appointments and book them on a calendar.

You can easily sync meetings with Office 365 or Google Calendar so prospects can quickly see when you are available.

Check out some of the highlights of all the benefits of using HubSpot’s Meeting Scheduler.


  • Prospects can automatically schedule meetings with your using HubSpot’s meeting tool, letting you save time reading unnecessary emails.
  • You can send group pre-meeting links that let prospects schedule with more than one individual in your company.
  • Configure a round-robin meeting link where prospects can schedule a meeting with your sales representative at the best time they are available.
  • As people book meetings with you, they are automatically listed in the HubSpot CRM, allowing your database to grow and stay organized.
  • Know the moment a lead clicks on a link, opens an email, or downloads an attachment to provide an appropriate follow-up.
  • Get more appointments and leads by embedding a calendar on your website.


HubSpot’s Meeting Scheduler platform comes free of charge.

You can visit their website and get started in connecting your calendar to your schedule for appointments.

Bottom Line

HubSpot’s Meeting Scheduler is a booking software for businesses that do not yet have the budget to invest in a meeting management system.

Visit their website to get started for free.

#6 Soapbox.

Soapbox Hero

Soapbox is a software intended for people managers who want to have more effective meetings.

Its platform lets users create a shared agenda, gather feedback, do note taking, and assign the next steps to take in one place.

Soapbox allows you to better manage your meetings by providing integrations to tools you are already familiar with. Integrations include Google, Teams, Slack, and more.

Continue reading to learn about the advantages that Soapbox can bring to your business.


  • Users can create a customizable agenda for their meetings based on their required action agenda items.
  • You can take meeting notes of every meeting within your agenda and have them automatically emailed to all participants after.
  • Post-meeting follow-ups are made easier and simpler with the Soapbox action item tracking feature.
  • You can access conversational analytics that can help you and your team have better meetings.
  • Send out post-meeting survey questions to your team to keep track of meeting effectiveness.
  • If you’re unsure what to discuss, Soapbox can provide you with recommended action items.


Soapbox Pricing

The paid plans for Soapbox cost $5.60 per person each month for the Pro plan and $8.80 per person each month for the Business plan.

Both plans are billed annually. If you prefer a monthly subscription, the Pro plan costs $7 per person monthly while the Business plan is $11 per month.

Soapbox also offers a small team starter plan that includes all of the features from the Pro subscription. This plan supports up to 5 people and costs $5 per month.

Bottom Line

Head to the Soapbox website to learn more about the specifications for each of their plans.

You can grab their free Basic plan and gain access to unlimited team meetings right away.

#7 Acuity Scheduling.

Acuity Hero

Acuity Scheduling is an appointment scheduling solution that allows you to manage your digital appointments.

With the platform, booking appointments with customers and clients no longer have to be a chore.

Clients can view your agenda availability in real-time, choose the date and time that is best for them, and reschedule meetings easily.

Below are several of the highlights that the Acuity Scheduling platform has to offer.


  • Acuity Scheduling lets you control your availability around the clock to make scheduling work for you better.
  • The platform auto-adjusts based on time zone while allowing clients to easily reschedule and cancel appointments on their own.
  • You can organize client information by asking them to fill out intake forms as they book, letting you know everything you need before the meeting starts with them.
  • You can use Acuity Scheduling to offer group classes, similar to Kaltura, a well-known OTT platform.
  • Accept digital payments via integrations with Square, Paypal, or Stripe.
  • Minimize no-shows by sending personalized reminder texts and emails to clients.


Acuity Pricing

The Emerging, Growing, and Powerhouse plans for Acuity Scheduling costs $14, $23, and $45 per month for an annual subscription.

All paid plans include advanced features such as the ability to embed a scheduler on a website, accept payments and deposits, allow clients to optionally tip you, and more.

All Acuity Scheduling plans allow users to start a free 7-day trial.

Bottom Line

Visit the Acuity Scheduling website to see what plan best suits your needs.

Sign up for their 7-day free trial or a paid plan to enhance your scheduling and appointment capability.

#8 Hugo.

Hugo Hero

Hugo is a team meeting platform that provides remote teams with a central place to discuss and share meeting agendas.

The platform can connect to your work calendar, capture meeting notes, assign tasks, and provides an area for your team to collaborate.

Hugo is based on ensuring that the insights brought up during important meetings are highlighted afterward.

Hugo can also integrate with your calendar by recognizing items such as previous notes from a meeting with a specific individual.


  • Hugo lets you associate notes to specific meeting agendas in Office 365 and Google.
  • Multiple users can edit meeting notes in real-time.
  • Send tasks and notes to more than 20 popular desktop and mobile apps.
  • Keep track of every meeting task or a note with a handy search feature.
  • Develop better meeting habits using Hugo’s timely reminders and agenda templates.
  • Stay aligned with remote teams as Hugo provides one place for all task management needs.


Hugo Pricing

Hugo offers a free Basic plan and a Pro plan that costs $6 per user monthly when billed annually.

The Pro plan has premium integrations, team templates, live chat support, and access to customer success managers.

The Enterprise plan is available for larger companies. You will have to contact their sales team to get a custom rate.

Bottom Line

Hugo is the best meeting management system for collaborative teams that want to improve the workflow of their meetings.

Check out their Basic plan for free or sign up for a paid plan today.

#9 Lucid.

Lucid Hero

Lucid provides an industry-leading meeting management platform for designing, operating, and improving business meetings.

It enables remote teams to leverage the best practices at scale with outcomes that are both measurable and tangible.

You can prepare, run, and follow-up meetings with your teams using their science-backed approach.

For those new to managing meetings, Lucid has a quickstart program that combines coaching, training, and workshops for teams to quickly improve performance.


  • Lucid offers all-in-one meeting features that are designed to reduce the time spent switching between apps.
  • You can access a pre-built team meeting agenda and simple prompts to ensure that no one misses a step.
  • Lucid has built-in tips meant to help organizers successfully set up and follow-up on meetings.
  • Meetings are template-driven, which makes it easier for all participants to follow the set process and be more effective.
  • You can take notes and track actions in real-time with Lucid meetings.
  • Users have access to built-in feedback, ratings, automated performance reporting, and consulting services to improve performance.


Lucid Pricing

For individuals, small teams, growing businesses, and established enterprises, Lucid has the right plan for you.

Their Teams plan costs $12.50 per host each month for the monthly subscription. For the annual subscription, you only have to pay $9 per host each month.

The Business plan comes at a fixed price of $249 per month or $199 a month when paid annually.

The Enterprise plan offers scalable pricing for 250 to more than 10,000 users and comes at a custom rate.

Bottom Line

Lucid’s team meeting management software helps businesses efficiently organize their meetings.

Sign up for either their Teams, Business, or Enterprise plan to get started.

#10 Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Hero

Microsoft Teams is a workspace in Microsoft 365 that acts as a collaborative hub for workplace communications, document management sharing, and video chats.

It is designed to help improve employee productivity by providing companies with a unified suite of workplace tools.

Teams was introduced in 2017 to rival Slack, which further became popular with the push for work-from-home connectivity.

Below are the pros that you can expect for your business when you invest in Teams.


  • Quickly switch from group chat to video conference with a click of a button. This remote work software allows teams with as many as 10,000 users to meet from anywhere.
  • Use Teams to make and receive calls with advanced options like cloud-based voicemail, call transfers, and group calling.
  • Easily locate, share, and set up files in real-time using known apps like, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
  • Send stickers, emojis, and GIFs in group chats or one-on-one messages to your team members.
  • Teams lets you easily create video and audio recordings similar to screencasting software and provide you with a link that you can share with others.


Microsoft Teams Pricing

The Basic plan for Microsoft Teams costs $5 per user each month for an annual commitment.

The Standard plan costs $12.50 per user each month annually, which comes with additional productivity apps and services.

The Office 365 E3 plan costs $20 per user each month annually, which enables more users, access to on-premise servers, and better support.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Teams is our top pick when you want access to meeting management software and a suite of other office tools in one place.

You can sign up for a free Microsoft Teams account or one of their paid plans for your meeting management needs.

#11 Meetin.gs.

Meetin.gs Hero

Meetin.gs is a cloud-based meeting tracking software that provides organizations with an effective way to set up and hold digital meetings.

The meeting management software keeps everyone updated and on the same agenda by sending follow-ups and notifications regarding meetings.

Meetin.gs can be used for almost any team meeting and makes running them easy and stress-free.

Below are some of the main advantages when you decide to invest in Meetin.gs for your business.


  • Set up team meeting schedules for various types of meetings like online web conferencing, teleconferences, workshops, business meetings, and more.
  • Meetin.gs offers full built-in support for video conferencing, Lync, Skype, and Google Hangouts.
  • Integrate your primary calendar with one click or synchronize other calendars using your phone.
  • Connect your address book with the platform’s built-in address book to invite participants without searching for their contact details.
  • When a team member proposes a meeting, you can quickly access the functionality for scheduling meetings to send an invitation to those concerned.
  • You can quickly respond to upcoming meeting requests or schedule new ones straight from your mobile device.


Meetin.gs Pricing

The Meetin.gs Pro monthly plan costs $12 per organizer each month.

Their Pro yearly plan costs $129 per year for each organizer.

All plans provide the same features with support for popular communication tools like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Lync.

Bottom Line

Meetin.gs is a favorite for many because of how easy and convenient it is to organize digital meetings.

Sign up for either their monthly or yearly plans to start managing your digital meetings better.

Check out what their paid plans have to offer today.

#12 Fuze.

Fuze Hero

Fuze is a cloud collaboration and communications platform intended for enterprises.

It enables seamless transitions between chatting, calling, screen sharing, and meeting through an innovative and consumer-inspired experience.

The Fuze platform empowers the digital workforce of companies across any device, anytime and anywhere.


  • Employees can start chatting, calling, sharing content, and meeting with their clients through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Fuze provides full-stack voice, video, messaging, and screen sharing capabilities deployed across the globe.
  • The all-in-one application can operate across all devices and provides users with a full view of engagement, productivity, and usage.
  • Fuze incorporates enterprise-grade security certifications including SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 to safeguard customer data.
  • Fuze provides implementation services to drive successful deployments, mitigating risks and accelerating time to value.


Fuze Pricing

Fuze offers several plans to meet the various needs of enterprises.

A major benefit of their plans is that they all provide unlimited internal and incoming calls, calendar integration, team meeting recordings, and enterprise-level support.

Separate add-ons include access to Fuze Contact Center, Fuze Rooms, additional DID numbers, fax-to-email, and the ability to send SMS/MMS messages.

Bottom Line

Fuze provides enterprises with a full-stack, all-in-one platform that can work easily across all devices and locations.

Check out what their paid plans have to offer today.

What Is Meeting Management Software?

Meeting management software provides systems that help individuals and teams organize, plan, and run digital meetings.

Common productivity features of these apps include scheduling, booking, invitations, meeting agenda distribution, and action item tracking.

Many team meeting management tools are compatible with popular apps Slack, Asana, Zoom, Zapier, and Salesforce.

Wrap Up.

There are numerous meeting management solutions intended to improve work process management.

All of these tools aim to help organizations better communicate with their teams and clients wherever they may be.

nTask is our top choice for providing an all-in-one meeting management software for organizing and scheduling meetings.

GoToMeeting is great for businesses of all sizes while ClickMeeting is the best for webinars and online courses.

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