11+ Best Explainer Video Software Tools [Ranked and Reviewed]

Updated On: September 10, 2022

Consumers want to receive information in ways that are ENGAGING and EFFICIENT.

Explainer videos are a vital content marketing tool that gives you the opportunity to educate and deliver information effectively while making a memorable impression.

For marketers, access to tools for professional video and animation software to create 2D animations, whiteboard animation, and more, is key.

And if you already have a video hosting site and or OTT platform, then you are already ahead of the game in getting your animated content out there.

I have listed for you the best explainer video software tools of 2021.

Let’s get into it…

What Is The Best Explainer Video Software?

  1. InVideo – Best all-in-one platform for creating video content with an intelligent video assistant.
  2. Vyond – Top explainer video platform with a wide range of modern templates and options.
  3. Animaker – Affordable online video making software with free explainer video templates.
  4. RenderForest – Excellent explainer video tool that incorporates AI and machine learning to create animations.
  5. Toonly – Easy explainer video software with drag-and-drop capability.
  6. Powtoon – Best platform for video footage and music clips.
  7. Biteable – Ideal video explainer software for quick and simple video content.
  8. Wideo – Great video-making platform for high definition videos.
  9. Animoto – Excellent platform for creating video and photo slideshows with music.
  10. Adobe Spark – Simple and free video editor with a wide selection of themes available.
  11. Breadnbeyond – Reputable animated video explainer service trusted by many brands.

#1 InVideo.

InVideo Hero


InVideo is an explainer video software that lets you create amazing videos with tools that transform stories into dynamic visual content.

The platform has video production tools that can convert blog posts into videos.

It also offers pre-made platform-specific dimensions to create videos compatible with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

You also have access to more than 1,200 video templates crafted by experts.

Check out a few of InVideo’s features and benefits.


  • Create and share short videos, videos with Powerpoint slides, and home videos in a matter of minutes.
  • Choose from thousands of stock photos from the platform’s library.
  • Gain access to pre-made templates across categories like ads, products, presentations, and invitations.
  • InVideo provides everything from templates, filters, tools, stickers, and more to help save time and money.
  • Easy drag and drop interface designed for people who are not tech-savvy.
  • Watch InVideo’s tutorials that cover all the different ways to create animated explainer video.


Invideo Pricing

InVideo offers a Business Plan that is ideal for startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Instead of paying almost $40 per month for the comparable RawShorts Essential Plan, you can pay just $10 per month. You also get MORE tools while at an extremely affordable price.

The Unlimited Plan is intended for large agencies and teams looking for advanced storage and team sharing capabilities.

And it only costs $30 per month vs. double the price with RawShorts.

Bottom Line

InVideo makes the top of our list because of its all-in-one features that make it the best platform when it comes to creating whiteboard explainer videos.

You can check out the platform by signing up for their free version or get a free 14 day trial of the paid plans.

#2 Vyond.

Vyond Hero


Vyond is an online animation software that can help you easily make professional animated videos for your business’ industry, whatever that may be.

With the software, you can make e-learning video and content that captures your viewers’ attention and encourages them to interact with your brand.

You can also import videos into your already established learning management system (LMS), making your online courses and trainings more creative and engaging.

They offer pre-built templates that can help you get started quickly while their extensive library offers a wide range of media for a range of scenarios and industries.


  • Easily incorporate video content in your marketing campaign and create content that motivates your viewers to take action.
  • Use active storytelling, customize and repurpose content, and improve learning outcomes with enhanced visual communication.
  • Transform your marketing ideas into dynamic and inspiring content from countless ready-made templates and assets.
  • Easily update video content with new promotions or messages without going through long turnaround times or high production costs.
  • Use existing templates or make your own and add dynamic graphs, charts, and transition to communicate your idea to the world.


Vyong Pricing

Plans for Vyond range from $299 to $999 for one user per year.

The Premium Plan is ideal for small businesses and has features such as live chat support and high-quality exports.

Their Professional Plan is a scalable plan that is suited for larger businesses.

You will have to contact the Vyond sales team via phone number or email address to get custom pricing for their Enterprise Plan.

Bottom Line

Vyond offers a variety of modern features that can help you create professional explainer videos for your audience.

Sign up to one of their paid plans to get started.

#3 Animaker.

Animaker Hero


Many people consider the cloud-based video creation platform Animaker as one of the easiest for newbies looking to make live action explainer videos.

It is among one of the top explainer video software that provide a large variety of characters, assets, cartoons, emotions, and animation tools.

It incorporates an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop capability to let you create videos even if you have no experience.

Check out the highlights of the software below.


  • Animaker operates on a robust HTML5 engine, providing seamless performance on compatible browsers.
  • Gain access to tons of professionally-created templates for creating your desired video content.
  • Animaker offers a large collection of animated characters, backgrounds, properties, images, videos, icons, and more.
  • Choose from more than 15 facial features to customize and build characters to spice up your videos.
  • Import your own themes, logos, mascots, videos, and images to create your own personalized library.


Animaker Pricing

The prices shown above are annual subscriptions.

Some of the features of the Basic Plan include 5 premium downloads per month, access to HD quality videos, and 5 custom characters.

For companies that want more from these plans, a custom plan can be chosen with custom pricing.

Bottom Line

Animaker is no doubt one of the most flexible video-making software that provides access to a wide range of resources.

Sign up with one of their paid plans to start making explainer videos.

#4 Renderforest.

Renderforest Hero


Renderforest provides top-notch video explainer tools that can let you make high-quality video content.

It is rich in features that help you turn creative ideas into mind-blowing projects.

The great thing about Renderforest is that its plans are affordable and depending on the plan, you can create 1 website with your own domain.

Below are some of the highlights of the platform.


  • Gain access to hundreds of video templates for various categories, providing plenty of choices for explainer videos.
  • Scenes are easy to customize to let you create engaging video content in a snap.
  • Renderforest offers mockup templates that have a wide variety of layouts.
  • You can upload your file and obtain a lifelike preview of your chosen design.
  • Create a logo that matches your brand with Renderforest’s online logo maker.


Renderforest Pricing

The rates shown above are for annual billing.

If you want no watermarks on any media content with Renderforest, then you need to get the Pro Plan.

This plan also provides access to more than 500,000 stock videos, 200 commercial music tracks, and 5 font uploads.

Bottom Line

Renderforest offers a free plan option that can let you explore what the platform has to offer in terms of video creation.

Give their platform a try by signing up for a free subscription or one of the paid plans.

#5 Toonly.

Toonly Hero


Toonly claims that it is one of the simplest and easiest explainer video creation software.

It is different compared to other video creation platforms because it doesn’t rely on the cloud.

What makes Toonly great is that even its lower-tier plan offers premium support and unlimited videos.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are somehow not satisfied with their software.


  • Toonly doesn’t use stock photos as all of their images are custom-drawn by professional graphic designers.
  • The software provides 510 character images, 30 characters with various poses, and 81 different backgrounds and scenes.
  • Premade scenes provided by the platform allow you to create video content and get your message across to your audience quickly.
  • Record your custom voice overs directly on Toonly and easily sync them with your videos.
  • Set the perfect mood for your video content with more than 100 royalty-free music tracks available.


Toonly Pricing

The prices shown on the screenshot are for annual billing.

Some of the features offered by the Standard Plan include access to 30 characters, 17 character animations, 10 premade scenes, and 21 scene transitions.

The Enterprise Plan basically offers more features but with access to the Toonly Club where you can get new characters and props monthly.

Bottom Line

Toonly’s software will give you the experience of creating high-converting explainer videos.

Check out one of their paid plans to see for yourself.

#6 Powtoon.

Powtoon Hero


Powtoon is a whiteboard video software similar to VideoScribe (but better than VideoScribe!)

The platform gives users access to a vast media library that lets them create compelling video content easily.

The editing tool gives you access to a wide range of animation and video styles like whiteboard animation, cartoon characters, video infographics, and more.

Download and embed your videos for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok.


  • Present engaging stories through numerous animated characters, video backgrounds, templates, sound effects, and more.
  • Professionally-designed templates that help you make compelling animations and visual content faster.
  • The platform offers quality video footage even for the basic plans.
  • Editing video elements and incorporating new ones is easy with many effects available.
  • They offer a broad selection of free and premium music files that can be added to any video.


Powtoon Pricing

The prices shown above are for annual billing.

Both Pro+ and Agency Plans offer unlimited premium exports and unlimited access to all of the available content.

For smaller brands that only create explainer videos occasionally, the standard Pro Plan is a reasonable choice.

Bottom Line

Powtoon is an excellent video creation platform that has a great media library to help you create engaging whiteboard animation videos.

Click the link below to sign up for Pro, Pro+, or Agency.

#7 Biteable.

Biteable Hero


Biteable lets you turn your images and videos into compelling explainer videos for your target audience.

You get hundreds of templates that are ready to use when needed.

Depending on your requirements, you can select between technology, humorous, professional, and other styles for your video content.

Personalizing videos is easy since you can quickly add photos, text, and music clips to videos.


  • Create your product launch video and gain access to their entire library of stock video footage, photos, templates, and soundtracks.
  • Insert animated text, place your logo, and use the colors of your brand to create the best product videos for your needs.
  • Transform your advertising ideas into business-promoting video content using the advertisement creator.
  • Supercharge your advertisements using AI-powered voice-overs, Shutterstock clips, and more.
  • Upload or choose from the large library of audio tracks to set the mood for your explainer videos.


Biteable Pricing

Going for an annual billing deal for Biteable plans can let you save as much as 50% off on their rates.

The Plus Plan is ideal for individual video creators as it allows you to have your own watermark and branding along with commercial usage rights.

The Ultimate Plan is for companies that need to provide unlimited access to team members as well as shared video editing software features.

Bottom Line

With the free version they offer, Biteable provides sufficient content to let you create amazing explainer videos without any commitment.

Check out their free plan or dive in with the Plus or Ultimate package.

#8 Wideo.

Wideo Hero


Another web-based app for making, editing, and sharing animated video content is Wideo.

The explainer video creator provides more than 100 video templates that are easy to customize, around 1,300 images, and 50 music tracks.

Advanced features such as high-definition video downloads without branding, privacy control, premium support, and monetization rights are available in their subscription-based plans.


  • Create professional and compelling promotional video content in a few minutes with the user-friendly video marketing tool from Wideo.
  • Personalize any of their pre-designed promotional video templates or create your own from scratch.
  • Animate objects easily by adding intro/outro animation effects, use keyframes, and select animated transitions between scenes.
  • Browse through countless video clips from Wideo’s built-in library or upload your own video file for use in your videos.
  • Quickly duplicate objects and replace them with another without losing predetermined animations to save time.


Wideo Pricing

All of the paid plans of Wideo include unbranded video content, full access to their media library, presentation mode, and embedding.

The Pro+ Plan not only lets you create up to 30 minutes of video length, but you can also have one more additional account to work with.

Bottom Line

Wideo is an incredibly intuitive video creation platform that lets you make great explainer videos with seemingly no cons.

Try their free trial plan to see if their features match your requirements.

#9 Animoto.

Animoto Hero


Animoto’s explainer video software will help you enhance your business.

You can make explainer videos here by simply dragging and dropping your own photos and video clips in pre-built templates.

The video tools also let you quickly make changes to colors, music, fonts, and other elements for a more customized video.


  • Find the media you need at all times with Animoto’s Getty Images stock library that has more than one million images and video clips.
  • Upload your own media content and then drag and drop them straight into your project.
  • Animoto’s platform is compatible with both PC and Mac and with any browser.
  • Choose a song to set the mood of your animated explainer video from thousands of licensed tracks in their library.
  • Captivate your target audience with attention-grabbing text effects and more than 40 professional fonts for videos, articles, and landing pages.


Animoto Pricing

Save as much as 50% off on Animoto plans by opting for an annual subscription.

Their Professional Plan is their most popular as it already lets you have high-quality videos, access to their media library and add your own logo watermark.

Bottom Line

Animoto does have a free plan that includes access to unlimited video downloads, 50 music tracks, 3 standard fonts, and 30 color swatches.

Sign up with their free plan or get a paid subscription to start making great explainer videos.

#10 Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark Hero


Adobe Spark is an explainer video software that provides you with several themes to choose from.

You can get started for free to try their product and upgrade later on if you wish to get rid of their watermark.

Adobe Spark offers a wide selection of attractive templates that match well when uploaded on social media channels.


  • Choose from a selection of professionally-made fonts for any occasion.
  • Pick from thousands of free images on the web or select your own images from Dropbox, Adobe Animate, or Google Photos.
  • Explore Adobe Spark’s best-in-class layouts, fonts, and colors and easily tweak them to meet your needs.
  • Let your ideas come to life by sharing your stories as social media videos.


Powtoon Pricing

The paid plans for Adobe Spark let you invite others to work on branded projects, create unique designs from premium templates, and personalize projects with your own logos and colors.

Two new features are available that offer brand and asset sharing capabilities to users.

You can check out Individual for a 14 day free trial and then pay only $10 per month.

Bottom Line

With Adobe Spark, you can unleash your creative potential by using stunning graphics for your animated explainer videos.

Check out their free plan to test their features.

#11 Breadnbeyond.

Breadnbeyond Hero


Breadnbeyond is not an explainer video platform but a service that lets you place orders for your explainer videos.

The company crafts more than 30 marketing videos every month and has the whole process down to a science.

Breadnbeyond is committed to delivering all of their orders within 25 business days or less.

Here are some of the benefits that they offer.


  • Tell the story of your brand by using explainer videos made by professionals.
  • Each package you receive from Breadnbeyond contains everything you need from the script to the storyboard and animations.
  • Quickly obtain the exact cost of your explainer video order with Breadnbeyond’s transparent pricing.
  • The company guarantees that you will receive your video content in 25 days or it’s free.


Breadnbeyond Pricing

The prices for Breadnbeyond packages are not shown on their website.

Instead, you will have to book a free consultation to get a quote for your project.

Bottom Line

Breadnbeyond is unique in this list because it is the only video-creating solution that is provided as a service.

Book a free consultation today and see how their professionals can help create the explainer videos you need.

What Is Explainer Video Software?

Explainer video software are apps that let you create short videos that focus on explaining a product, service, or concept.

These platforms are often used in online marketing to demonstrate to your target audience how something works.

The right explainer video software improves the customer or viewer experience and increases product conversions.

How to Make an Explainer Videos.

Before you can choose your explainer video software, you need to first have a plan on how you can create compelling video content.

You also need to have a clear goal or purpose for your videos.

These are the steps to take once you have everything set:

  1. Prepare your video script.
  2. Recover the voiceover audio.
  3. Pick your favorite explainer video software.
  4. Create your explainer video.
  5. Publish and share to your audience.

Wrap Up.

Explainer videos are continuously changing and evolving to meet the attention spans of humans in this decade.

You and your business can have the video software and tools to do this.

Take your pick from this list of the best explainer video software of 2021.

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